I recently read a thought-provoking article explaining how our relationship with the phone is changing. Not so long ago not answering the phone was considered rude; more over you didn’t want to miss an important call.




Having millennial children exposed me to responses like; “why are you calling me on my phone?”. In today’s world phone etiquette has completely changed; calling someone is considered rude unless it is very, very important (yes! I said very twice). Like it or not if it is not a life or death situation; you are expected to use one of the many ways of communication to reach out to someone; leaving the phone as the last resort.

Although it’s tempting to stay camped in the way things were; some important lessons can be drawn from the latest phone practices. We still have a communication job to do, and the ways to communicate continue to evolve. While my children are using social media as the main means of communication, an IR professional must understand his own audience and pay attention to how their communication methods are evolving. At the moment, social media may not be the most effective way to reach out to the investor base. There are more and more investors that use these and other specialty networks and at some point, this may become an important channel.  I still don’t have all the answers however I must thank my children for making me ask the right question, at all.

As an IR professional who is trying to make sure the Company is fairly presented to potential investors, the question remains the same: Where and how do potential investors arrive at an investment decision?

Funny thing about the world around us, ask the same question and as time goes by you get different answers.

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